Monday is Barely the Beginning of Your Week!

I had a great day today, but yesterday I was all over the place, very irritated, sad, and upset because of issues with my prescriptions and being able to obtain them. Dealing with health insurance providers (4 different ones) is very tiring and confusing. SO yesterday I told myself “this week is awful.” I really believed it. But then this morning I got up, did a small workout, made myself an iced latte, and just took my time. I felt like I was in a good mood for a lot of today which seems to be rarer recently. IMG_8031        Looking back I was kind of disappointed in myself for saying that about this week, I felt immature and it was as if I was back in high school.  One day junior year I was talking to my friend complaining about that day and week during homeroom. I turn to my teacher and said “Mr. Newton, this week stinks! I hate it.” And he said to me (in a very snarky tone if I might add) “Really Sara? It’s only Monday?” with a questioning look. And for some reason this really stayed with me, I think about this a few times throughout the year; especially if I’m really depressed and barely have enough energy to get out of bed. I think to myself it could be a bad day but it’s not a bad week or month. So even if your Monday is bad, remember it’s just the beginning and something great may happen the next day.  Patience.


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