Animal Teachings

It’s been kind of crazy these past few days. I have been dog sitting a long with my boyfriend, her name’s Faye, such a brat.. but I all ready miss her. It was like having a child; crying a lot, figuring out what is bothering her, but it was so wonderful she really taught me a lot these past few days (and she is very intelligent herself which helps). First, getting up and starting out with some exercise in the morning. I have had issues with exercising whether it be too much or too little but she was kind of teaching me it’s okay to not do it often as long as you’re enjoying it and you should do something to get your blood flowing. She loves exercising! We took her to a park and she was just running as fast as she could. She looked so happy, it made me happy, below is a photo of her swimming in the pond water. It was here that she taught me, the cliché, enjoy the small stuff, and it’s okay to get a little dirty or take a leap every once in awhile. IMG_3100

PS My boyfriend also randomly saved this hawk, it’s a coopers hawk, it was hit by a car and had very bad head trauma. The mom was so upset when she could no longer fly with her baby. We are hoping they will be back together soon. It’s funny because I am staying with my boyfriends family in Pennsylvania and both of the boys are officially off to college and the hawks mom is like their mom sad to see them go and feeling a little lost and scared without them. Animals are our teachers too. IMG_9093


3 thoughts on “Animal Teachings

  1. I wish EvErYbOdY could see animals the same way we do!😊 They are our teachers, guides, helpers and friends…the very best friends! Blessings to you and your bf too for saving that hawk 💖


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