My names Sara, I’m kind of new to this, blogging I mean, I do have other social medias like Facebook but to me those are pointless to post on, to really vent about anything, brag about yourself, whatever it is it involves talking about you and at that point you might as well make an entire blog about yourself? Am I right?


I figured I would take the time to make a quick introduction. I am 21, from Hanover, Massachusetts south of Boston. I am kind of crazy, I love listening to (and hopefully helping) people that may be going through something or just need someone to talk too. No matter their age, gender, race, etc. SO Please feel free to message me and vent to me about whatever, I have heard a lot of horrible things in my lifetime, and I believe even if you take thirty minutes to listen to someone, it may help. I have been through a lot myself and hope that through this site I will inevitably be able to discuss it, in short, I have a lot of mental health issues and they will be brought up, I am hoping that I will be able to follow others throughout their journeys or people that just make me laugh in general and hopefully they will follow me too. Thank you.

All the Best,



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